Barrow Street art class uses technology to create

The Barrow Street Afterschool art class tried something a little different and broke out some technology. The class began with a projection to get everyone's attention. The atelier seemed intrigued with the projection and unbidden and got down to copying on their paper what they saw up on the screen. We used only black markers and not a single artist asked for any colors which painter Jim found amazing and awesome.  


We talked about different kinds of lines. Straight lines, curvy lines, zig zaggy lines were used to describe the types of lines we often used in art. Then we introduced INTERSECTING LINES, PARALLEL LINES, HORIZONTAL LINES and VERTICAL LINES as part of our new vocabulary.To illustrate how these types of lines are used in art we looked at projected images from such artists as BRIDGET RILEY, AGNES MARTIN, FRANK STELLA and PIET MONDRIAN. We ended our projections with a look at KEVIN WIXTED's paintings and used this work as inspiration for our class project for the day.


For the project we were given a tan piece of paper and a grouping of thin white rectangles. We drew on these with colors and black and were able to then cut them to any length we desired. Then we glued them to the piece of tan paper in either a vertical or horizontal fashion or a mix of the two.  When we were done with this we went up to the projection wall and drew on some mural paper while the projection was intermittently changed. 


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