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How is separation handled?

Q: How is separation handled?



Separation through all Classes

Phase-in schedules are designed for specific classes. Most begin in half-groups and work up to a full day schedule. Helping our young students separate from their parents is a key component of our Young 2s and 2s/3s Program. Our teachers are highly sensitive to the needs and feelings of our parents and students. To help ease the process, parents and teachers work together to create a bridge between home and school. Teachers assess a child's readiness for separation and discuss it with parents to support our gradual separation program.

To begin establishing this rapport, for parents entering our Young 2s or 2s/3s, there are several activities and events leading up to the phase in process in the fall. 

The school leads a Separation Workshop for parents in the spring after your child is admitted to Barrow Street. The Parents Association invites all new families to several play dates at the school over the summer.  Many students attend our separating or non-separating summer program as well.

In the fall, we arrange home visits for all new students in the Young 2s and 2s/3s. These visits help children establish a concrete link between home and school, and develop comfort with their teachers. These visits are arranged for the first week after Labor Day. The actual separation process in the fall is designed to be flexible for families. 

During this phase-in period, children come in small groups of four to six children for increasing-intervals. Teachers observe and ask questions so that they can continue to be consistent with care following separation. Parents spend time in the classroom playing with their child, assisting with their new daily routines and helping them establish relationships with the teachers. 

There are general guidelines that parents are asked to follow as well, and these include being sure to say goodbye to children before leaving, bringing an item from home to help ease the transition, and conveying a positive attitude about the school experience.

During phase-in, parents begin to leave for short periods, gradually extending the amount of time the child spends without them. All parents say goodbye to their children and tell them when they will return. It’s important that parents never sneak out in the hope that the child won’t notice. Being clear and honest with children is a vital part of the transfer of trust that is crucial to the separation process.

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